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Good leadership is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor in business, government, or life. Leaders are often put in difficult situations and must have the capacity to lead without compromise. Although many leadership skills remain constant across generations, here are some essential leadership skills for 2020.



Leaders must have the capacity to trust in workers by delegating responsibility. A successful leader will have the ability to incorporate the input of others into the decisions and strategies that are used for the betterment of the organization. This type of empowerment puts other members of the organization at ease and encourages teamwork.


Practice Self Awareness

Great leaders understand their own limitations. No one is great at everything, and this type of self-awareness is absolutely needed in any work environment. Acknowledging strengths and weaknesses allows a leader to put the most qualified people in the proper positions. This, in turn, leads to greater productivity and the creation of an organization that can accomplish its stated mission and goals.


Be Humble

People in positions of power mustn’t forget the importance of humility. The most accomplished leader always views their position as one of service. As such, servant leadership is essential because it builds trust and emphasizes employee development. Servant leaders aim to put their ego aside for the greater good of the organization they serve.



Organizations often emphasize the need for effective communication, but in many cases, the idea of listening gets lost. Effective leaders must take the time to listen to the concerns of subordinates. Employees often have insight into how a particular business strategy is working that managers do not have because they are not involved in the actual implementation of the strategy. When leaders listen to subordinates, the appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure organizational goals are met.



Circumstances can change rapidly and managers must have the ability to adapt to those changes and create viable solutions. Effective leaders understand market shifts and the threats posed by competitors. As such, they have the ability to quickly pivot and change directions in ways that secure a competitive advantage. Leaders who fail to adapt will not be successful in 2020 or beyond.