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Good leaders are everywhere. They show up on time, perform the tasks needed, and typically support their colleagues. But how can a good leader be great? What makes one stand out and be remembered for their traits?


Focus on people. Building a foundation of trust with all involved allows for an optimum, positive working environment. Once established, expectations can then be demonstrated and modeled by the leader, and those involved will naturally follow. Mistakes are inevitable, but a great leader can correct, resolve, and proceed with little interruptions because strong relationships have been formed and respected.


Set the bar high. Good leaders aim to complete a task. Great leaders aim to excel, and clearly communicate those extraordinary expectations to everyone involved. Their mindset is a results-oriented one, where success is not demonstrated by simply finishing a task, but by surpassing the initial goal.


Authenticity is crucial. A great leader has never been created by pretending to be someone else, and the one-size-fits-all approach is the first step to failure. Instead, society today seeks someone dynamic, animated, genuine, and eccentric. Great leaders often ¨stand out in the crowd.¨


Be decisive. Over and over again. Great leaders need to be swift thinkers, which often means making many small decisions that will significantly impact the overall outcome of a task. When problems arise, great leaders act quickly, take responsibility, and delegate assignments to proceed towards the road to success.


Empower the team. Daily. Encourage and motivate, and use positive reinforcement when victories are accomplished, even when they seem minor. Great leaders know what their team needs to hear, and know how to be sincere. They don´t speak ¨fluff¨ when addressing their colleagues but instead use direct, specific praise relative to the task at hand. When a team is confident in their abilities, above-average outcomes are inevitable.


Good leaders have the capability to rise to the level of greatness. While it won´t transpire overnight, small, consistent steps will continue to boost the morale and trust in their team. As those around them routinely witness sincerity, authenticity, and responsibility in their leader, all involved will likely follow suit. Once a great leader notices this and thrives on it, they have earned their title.