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When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to focus on your daily tasks at work. Leaders not only have to worry about themselves but also their team. With more responsibility comes more obstacles that you need to overcome. If you’re a leader finding it hard to focus at work, look at these tips to help you out.


Make a to-do list

Most times, frustration is stemmed from a lack of organizational skills. When you write down small and large tasks, you can visualize them to give you that little push into doing them. Grab a notebook and create a to-do list based on deadlines and give each one a time frame to be completed. As you complete tasks and projects, you can check them off and move on to the next. Long lists can be overwhelming, so cut them down into days or weeks to give you a sense of relief. The best thing about lists is that they help you stay on track and not forget anything.


Delegate Tasks

If you’re the leader of a large team, you may have the power to give others some of your workloads. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of all of your tasks, but if there are specific tasks that you can’t focus on, consider passing them onto a member of your team that will do it efficiently. Some employees might enjoy doing jobs that interest them, and they specialize in and are willing to swap out work. If you find yourself proofreading a lengthy report, ask other employees to step in and split the pages to save everyone from losing interest.


Find Your Productive Hours

If you’re not a morning person, then maybe you should give yourself a little break in the morning to check in on others or do smaller tasks before diving into work. It’s also essential to get a good night’s rest to help you stay focused for the day. If you work better after office hours when no one is around to distract you, then take that into consideration. Knowing the time of day you can be productive will help you work more efficiently and not waste your time. 


To help you focus as a leader, make lists, delegate tasks, and find the time of day you work productively. In order to lead others, you must know how to manage your time and recognize how you are as a worker.