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Leadership can be complicated as is, but leading from home is a whole other beast. Between keeping a team motivated and communicating effectively, a leader has their hands tied with this task. Here are a few tips to ease the journey.


Check-In On a Regular Basis

Depending on the nature of a job, daily check-ins weren’t always necessary, but this step is needed when staff is forced to work from home. Even if everyone stays on top of their tasks and knows to give a holler in case of emergency, it is still best to conduct a welfare check via video chat, phone call, email, or text message. If time allows, try for a daily video conference, preferably at the top of the shift. This will ensure that everyone is prepped for the day and that all questions and concerns are addressed.


Get More Involved

No one likes feeling as if their boss is breathing down their neck, but it is never wise to leave a team to fend for themselves. This is why regular communication is so essential, even aside from team meetings. Contacting team members when they have gone notably silent, working on difficult tasks, and or just when a free moment will help everyone stay up to pace and prevent the overtake of social isolation. Make an effort to compliment them on their hard work, send a bit of inspiration to anyone who might be falling into the dust, and share funny memes or light-hearted stories to brighten up the mood during this challenging time.


Provide Proper Resources

Technology has made it easy to get what we need with just a click of a button, but only if we know where to find these things. Do some digging to locate resources to make the operation run smoother, and be open to suggestions. Fortunately, there are many freebies to take advantage of, and many service providers offer business owners exclusive discounts and greater access.


Remote leading is a new concept for most leaders, so don’t be afraid of dropping the ball now and then. Just remain teachable during these trying times, and no matter what, keep pushing forward.