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Every leader will come across uncertain times that puts all of the pressure on you. The people you lead look to you for guidance and answers to all of their questions. It’s difficult for them to understand that you may be feeling the same as them, but you must put your best foot forward and be the best leader you can be. Here are a few ways you can shift your views during uncertain times time lead your team in the right direction.


Acknowledge What Can Be Controlled

It’s normal for you and the people around you to be disappointed about the times you are going through. As a leader, you should be clear and let them know that all you can control from this point forward is the reality of it all. It’s common to want to fix everything as soon as possible, but there’s no telling what can happen next. By focusing so much on a solution, you can lose sight as a leader. What’s most important is to be there for everyone around you.


Embrace Improvisation

With so much changing all at once, leaders should learn to embrace improvisation. Think of it just like in a theater where actors have to act out a scene with lines from the top of their head. As a leader, you should take actions and decisions with little to no direction during uncertain times. This is a great time to experience improvisation and can help you strengthen your skills in that area. 



This doesn’t mean that you should listen to those within your company but listen to other leaders who can relate to what you’re experiencing. Your staff will have so many questions, so hear them out and answer them to the best of your ability. Other leaders who have led through similar situations can share their skills and dos and donts. It’s also essential to open up a space for conversation. Whether it’s once a week or twice a month, set up team check-ins where everyone can come forward and talk about anything that is on their mind. Sometimes all a person wants is an ear to listen, so as a leader, be sure you’re all ears at all times.