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It is often said that first impressions matter the most. A first impression determines how others view you, especially as a leader. How one acts with people determines the amount of confidence and faith they have in you. That is why one should strive to maintain a good impression always. The question is, how do you make a lasting impression?


Making Lasting Impressions

At times, the first impression may not be so positive, but that does not mean it has to remain that way. One can strive to positively impact the long run, changing what others initially thought of them, and maintaining a good view. To do this, the leader should use the Who and How method. That is:

  • Who do I need/want to impress?
  • How do I portray such an impression?

Regardless of whom the intended audience is. The leader should;


Be Honest

A leader is someone people know as trustworthy and honest. Trust also determines respect; if people cannot trust one as their leader, they will not respect them. In that accord, no matter the persuasion the leader makes to others, without trust and respect, all will be in vain.


Act with Diligence

As a leader, one should do everything with a clean heart and with commitment. Let people see one as a reliable and diligent leader in business, at home, with friends and strangers.


Be Friendly

People cannot trust a leader who they cannot approach. With this in mind, the leader should be friendly to others, listen to what others have to say, and treat them with respect and kindness regardless of whether they respect one or not.


Appreciate people

People like being appreciated and made to feel that they did something good. When someone does something praiseworthy, please do not hold it back. They should feel they are valued.


There is no way around building a lasting impression; a leader should be friendly, honest, and diligent. A leader should also show gratitude to others.