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Although times change, there are still some leadership skills that stand the test of time and prove to be quite beneficial when cultivated. All great leaders have several traits in common and have specific leadership skills established. The following are some of those timeless leadership skills leaders should always aim to cultivate.



Leaders should always push for more diversity within their establishment and company. Diversity exceeds how a person looks. Diversity is also expressed through differing views that may not be the general consensus. Employees should still feel as though their voices are being heard and that they are receiving equal representation for their ideals.



Empathy is having an understanding of what other people are going through. Just as leaders are susceptible to mistakes, colleagues and employees are as well. Leaders should remain empathetic before making harsh judgments. Workers could experience emotional troubles or personal obstacles. Instead of just telling them to get back to work, leaders should strive to have one-on-one conversations and wellness checks. Investing time to maintain the wellbeing of staff will produce a positive turnout for the company as there will be less burnout and an increase in job satisfaction. Employees won’t dread coming to work. Instead, they will look forward to doing their job without added stress or pressure.



Leaders are not exempt from experiencing mistakes or mishaps. Leadership is also about personal discovery. Thus, leaders shouldn’t be too harsh on themselves. Transparency means being open and honest even when it comes to displaying one’s flaws and shortcomings. Transparency will inspire others to be more open and not feel so pressured to be “perfect” every time. Instead, employees will also understand that it’s a part of the process.



Expressing gratitude is something that never gets old. In fact, everyone could use a little appreciation daily. When leaders express their thanks directly to their staff and colleagues, this increases worker productivity and job satisfaction. Leaders can do this by giving out gift cards to the employee of the week or say a simple thank you to each person specifically for their contributions. Bonuses raise, or vacation time is just a few other ways to effectively show others appreciation in the workplace.