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Online presence plays a vital role in leadership success in this digital era. Social media provides an opportunity to increase public engagement, create awareness for a brand, and validate one’s position as an influencer. When strategically used, an online presence plays a critical role in the career path of a leader. Some tips to help leaders manage their online presences include the following.


Being Authentic

A personal, individualistic touch helps leaders to manage their online presence in an authentic and compelling way. Many people look up to leaders and hope to achieve what they have achieved. Leaders need to maintain authenticity to connect with followers, build trust, and engage with other leaders and their general audience. Being inauthentic can negatively impact your reputation.


Engaging the Audience

Proper utilization of various online platforms will help leaders understand business dynamics and get feedback from the public. Social media provides a learning opportunity that, when properly utilized, will help a leader evaluate the direction their team is taking and whether their business is meeting the needs of the people.



Many leaders shy away from social media as they find it time-consuming. However, proper analysis and identification of correct sites can provide opportunities to interact and reach a target audience that helps build a brand or maintain its credibility. Leaders should create a schedule for updating content on the site and stick to it. Consistency is key.


Contribution of Expertise

The journey to top management is not always comfortable and has its ups and downs. As a leader, sharing the lessons they have learned over time helps impact the next generation and offers valuable, genuine advice. Sharing examples of failure and hardship not only helps other individuals who are looking to lead, it also helps to humanize leaders in a way that makes them more appealing to a general audience.



Accuracy and authenticity are essential in establishing online credibility. Working closely with a marketing team ensures leaders share credible information and represent themselves and their business in an appropriate way. They should be extremely careful to share correct information, as misinformation can be seen as a sign of deceit or ignorance.


Sharing the Platform

Utilizing one’s platforms to highlight other people is an essential aspect of every great leader’s online presence. Leaders who understand that they do not know everything and acknowledge other peoples’ prowess are likely to have a wider audience and connect more with them.


Having an online presence is essential as it connects a person to the rest of the world. Leaders can use their online presence to positively impact the world, educate others, and share their insights.